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On Tap

If Ales are what move you, we have a wide selection of local and microbrews that will satisfy even the most discerning North Central Washington residents.


Many of the Ales we feature are brewed locally, and nearly half of our handles rotate on a weekly or monthly basis, allowing us to offer variety and limited edition craft beers. All of our beers are poured at a frosty 32 degrees.


Currently Rotating

42 Cider - Manchester Road Cider Co. 5.0ABV


Kolsch - Dru Bru 4.8% ABV

Hoegaarden Original White Ale - 4.9% ABV

Mango Cart - Golden Road Brewing 4% ABV

Honey Kolsch - Rogue 5% ABV

Pecan Pie Porter - Backwoods 5.9% ABV

Jubelale Winter Ale - Deschutes 6.7% ABV

Red Menace Big Amber - Hale's 4.6% ABV

Pub Beer - 10 Barrel 5% ABV

Hale's Cream Nitro - Hale's 4.9% ABV

Bodhizafa IPA - Georgetown 6.9% ABV

Dragonstooth Stout - Elysian 8.1% ABV

Rotating Hefe - Ask your server

Rotating IPA - Ask your server

Here to Stay

Stella Lager - Stella Artois 5.0ABV


Manny's Pale Ale - Georgetown 5.4ABV


Space Dust IPA - Elysian 8.2ABV


Irish Death Dark Ale - Iron Horse 7.8ABV


Shock Top Wheat - 5.2ABV


Bud Light Lager - 4.2ABV


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