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Cocktails on Tap


Rail Station Whiskey Cider

Whiskey, bitter and maple with sour apple make this original signature cocktail

Seasonal Paloma

A grapefruit, cranberry, and tequila cocktail

Beer and Ciders on Draught

Original Hard Cider

Washington Gold Cider (Chelan, WA) 5.5% ABV

Dry Cider

Yonder Cider (Wenatchee, WA) 6.5% ABV

Coors Light

4.2% ABV

Manny's Pale Ale

Georgetown (Seattle, WA) 5.4% ABV

All Spruced Up Winter Ale

Hellbent (Seattle, WA) 7.5% ABV

pFriem IPA

pFriem (Hood River, OR) 6.8% ABV

African Amber

Mac and Jack's (Redmond, WA) 5.2% ABV


(Mexico) 4.5% ABV

Bud Light

(16 oz bottle) 4.2% ABV

Shock Top Belgian White

Anheuser-Busch 5.2% ABV

pFriem Pilsner

(Hood River, OR)  4.9% ABV

Rotating Icicle River IPA

Ask your server

Bodhizafa IPA

Georgetown (Seattle, WA) 6.9% ABV

Space Dust IPA

Elysian (Seattle, WA) 8.2% ABV

Fresh Hop Frenz IPA

Bale Breaker (Yakima, WA) 6.9% ABV


Knotty Brewnette Amber

Whipsaw (Ellensburg, WA) 5.8% ABV

All Day Haze IPA

Founders (Grand Rapids, MI) 4.9% ABV

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

Smithwick's/Irish Ale (Kilkenny Ireland) 4.3% ABV

Irish Death

Iron Horse (Ellensburg, WA) 7.8% ABV

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